Industrial Design

We design equipment, machines, panels and entire production lines that are attractive and easy to use. In doing so, we sharpen your brand, reduce consumption and resources and improve your ROI at different points. Thanks to a user-oriented Overall User Experience, we create pleasant and healthy working environments in industry.

Industrial Brand Design

Our industrial design brings your brand to life. We sharpen your brand design and transport it in three-dimensional space, making it haptically tangible. Whether "100% safe" or "dynamically agile" - your brand values find a visual equivalent through us. We ensure that your products are identifiable from a distance and that, up close, they deliver what they promise, that they are convincing down to the last detail. This makes your products stand out clearly from the competition.

Design To Cost

Industrial design is not just a matter of taste. Convenient operation not only creates a positive emotional experience of the product, but above all often offers a great potential for saving time. Close coordination with producers and development contributes to economical production. If, in addition, you manage to arouse the enthusiasm of customers and users, this contributes significantly to brand loyalty and the image of a company. Let us show you the design costs compared to the benefits!

Industrial Design Process

Design can have a positive effect on the processes within a company - from development to construction. Our cooperation with you is not only based on partnership but also in accordance with VDI standard 2424.

  • Reduction of material usage
  • Optimised manufacturing processes
  • Resource-saving production
  • Durable products
  • Optimised manufacturing and development costs


We design to the highest standards of ergonomics and usability. Work processes should be optimised and the use of products should be a pleasure:

  • Fatigue-free work
  • Low physical strain
  • Understanding of function and operation
  • Improved quality of work and safety at work
  • Optimised operating procedures

Manufacturing technologies

In close consultation with your technicians, we naturally use the CAD data for rapid prototyping as well as directly for toolmaking and various manufacturing technologies (injection moulding, deep drawing, aluminium casting, sheet metal bending...). On request, we will also be happy to take care of the complete processing of the parts to be manufactured and advise you on the selection of suitable and cost-effective manufacturing processes. If required, we will call in our experienced design partners for this purpose, with whom we permanently cooperate on complex and special issues.

Model making

There is a difference between seeing something on paper or screen and seeing it for real. We therefore build your product as a volume model. In this way, you literally "grasp" your product and our design so that you can better evaluate it. Of course, models also help with ergonomic questions. Simple volume models made of special model-making foam material are often sufficient for this. Of course, we also create high-end presentation models or functional prototypes.

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