CaderaDesign GmbH

Frankfurter Str. 87

Bürgerbräu | 02 Sudhaus

D-97082 Würzburg

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Your direct contact persons

Tom Cadera

  • Management
  • UX & Usability Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Industrial Design

0931 460 66 0

cadera bei caderadesign punkt de

Florian Fuchs

  • UX & Usability Engineering
  • User Interface Design

0931 460 66 23

fuchs bei caderadesign punkt de

Ulrich Wirths

  • Project Organisation
  • Team Coordination
  • Customer Support

0931 460 66 26

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We are located at the Bürgerbräu

We are pleased to be part of the Würzburg "Creative Center" at the Bürgerbräu. Founded in 2012 as a platform for ideas and dialogues, numerous companies have meanwhile settled here. The result is a mixture of creative offices, cultural centres, gastronomy and event rooms. In addition to the inspiration we draw here, we also benefit from the good infrastructure, easy access, gastronomy and event facilities.