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"Corona Wegweiser" transferred to app concept

THE design of a central contact point for all information about Corona -. 
that was the starting point of our non-profit Corona Wegweiser project. With the "Stadt Land Smart" team of the city of Würzburg, we found a strong implementation partner and released a Corona Dashboard for the city of Würzburg in June. At the same time, we transferred our idea to an app concept and had exciting conversations with the creators of the Corona warning app. We would now like to publish the result of our optimization suggestions for the Corona warning app. We are pleased that we were able to contribute ideas and hope that as many of them as possible will be implemented. 

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Christ and CaderaDesign publish abstract

The design requirements for touch panels installed in machines and systems are becoming more and more demanding. CaderaDesign and Christ Electronic Systems have published a free abstract that shows which aspects should be considered. For the publication, CaderaDesign asked Christ questions that regularly come up when designing an HMI and are crucial for choosing the appropriate hardware.

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Corona Dashboard for the city of Würzburg

Together with the city of Würzburg and the developer Georg Fischer, we developed a dashboard that presents the most important information about the current Corona situation in Würzburg in a user-friendly way. It was particularly important to us to also present the current local rules. The concept and design of the dashboard is based on our Corona signpost concept and the extensive data compiled by the Open Data portal of the city of Würzburg.

We would like to thank Tilman Hampl and Eleonore Kohlhaupt from the "Stadt Land Smart" team of the city of Würzburg (WWS department) as well as Georg Fischer for their dedicated collaboration. We are very happy about the great result!

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iF Award for the C-Beyond HMI from COPERION

The C-Beyond HMI from COPERION supports operators of compounding lines and extruders in their daily work. Our innovative operating concept ensures that operators can concentrate on the essentials. With the distance view, plants can be monitored even from several meters away without losing sight of important details. We are delighted that our project with COPERION has received an iF Design Award and would like to express our sincere thanks for the great cooperation.

- >

iF Award for PINK's vacuum soldering systems

For the new generation of vacuum soldering systems from PINK, we have developed a new, modular machine design and UI design. The basic model of the VADU series, can be extended by one or two modules and thus scaled from small series to mass production. Details such as the smooth transition from the dark gray side panel to the front panel set strong accents as a design element. We are delighted to have received the iF DESIGN Award and would like to express our sincere thanks for the great collaboration with PINK.

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CaderaDesign wins two iF Awards

We are very happy about our success at the iF DESIGN Award 2021. Two of our projects won the prestigious award, once in the category "User Interface (UI)" and once in the category "Product".

"We are very pleased with the awards because they once again highlight the quality of our two mainstays, User Interface Design and Industrial Design. And they underline our claim to consider both disciplines in a holistic user experience approach," says Tom Cadera, founder and CEO of CaderaDesign. Read more about the two successful projects soon...

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Is the operation of robots really good?

Tom Cadera answered this question in the podcast "Robotics in Industry". He spoke with trade journalist Robert Weber and robotics specialist Helmut Schmid about industrial design and user interface standards. He also gave an outlook on how systems might be operated in the next few years and what that means for HMI development.

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Web lecture at MCBW

How does agile collaboration between a mechanical engineering company and a design office work?
We will present our successful HMI project with KIEFEL Packaging at the VDID Unternehmensforum digital on 10.03.2021 at the Munich Creative Business Week. It was awarded a Red Dot Best of the Best Award. Learn what a successful design process can look like and the benefits of good usability in a production environment! Tom Cadera and Amelie Reich from CaderaDesign, together with Christian Lang from Kiefel PACKAGING, will talk about their collaboration.

Munich Creative Business Week
Upgrade your business. VDID Digital Business Forum. Part1
Wednesday, 10.03.2021, 17:30 - 19:00

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Better usability in Corona everyday life

Advantage for institutions: user-friendly information concept for free implementation
A website that brings together all the important information in Corona's everyday life - that was our goal when we launched the "Corona Wegweiser" on our own initiative in late summer. The result was the concept of a website that presents information about the Corona situation in a local and customizable way. We would now like to make the result freely available to editorial offices and institutions for implementation.

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VDMA Web-Seminar

How does the agile cooperation between a mechanical engineering company and a design office succeed? In the VDMA web seminar "Usability in Mechanical Engineering" we present our successful HMI project with KIEFEL Packaging on 02.12.2020. It was recently awarded with a Red Dot Best of the Best Award. Learn how a successful design process can look like and which advantages good usability has in the production environment! Tom Cadera and Amelie Reich from CaderaDesign will report together with Christian Lang from Kiefel PACKAGING about their collaboration.

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Industrial Usability – Online course with CaderaDesign

We were allowed to help design an online course of the series "University4Industry" and provide information about the most important questions on the topic of "Industrial Usability". Together with the VDMA, Fraunhofer IAO and Vogel Communications Group, Tom Cadera and Florian Fuchs explain how to design the interface between man and technology to be particularly user-friendly.

Click here to register

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We celebrate remote: Red Dot Award 2020

We are very happy about our Best of the Best award at this year's Red Dot Award. Unfortunately there will be no classic award ceremony this year. Nevertheless, we would like to celebrate and share these moments with you. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued customer KIEFEL Packaging for the excellent and cooperative collaboration in the agile set-up!

The whole party on the Red Dot Vimeo space

Click here to watch the project video

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Time for AI

Our latest workshop format "time for AI" offers machine builders the freedom to evaluate their potential in the field of AI. Interactively and with exciting creative methods we find concrete project or product ideas. The target group is management, development and product management. Our AI and usability expert Florian Fuchs is on board and leads the workshop.

Request workshop now!

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Red Dot Award Best of the Best Award

Design Award of the highest category for modular and intelligently visualized HMI from Kiefel

We are happy to receive a Best of the Best award from the renowned Red Dot Award! The user interface convinces with intelligent diagrams and animated illustrations. A color and shape guidance system makes it easy for the user to find the right parameters. The ingenious design reduces complexity and thus training times.

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KI and HMI Design

What does AI mean for the future of HMI design?
Florian Fuchs from CaderaDesign reports on the topic of AI and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) in the podcast AI in the Industry. "On the one hand, UX designers must communicate AI decisions about HMI to the user, while at the same time using AI methods such as voice input."

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Smart Services

Kurtz Ersa Connect - Smart Services for networked production plants

After the networking of systems and plants, networking with the customer is the next important step in digitalized production. Smart services are increasingly in demand in mechanical engineering, as they open up new potential for value creation.
One example is the Connect App, which we conceived and designed together with Ersa GmbH. One of the app's many functions is a ticket system for service and support requests.

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German Innovation Awards for the Audi dpa

The production planning of the future now also for the workplace

The second part of our project for the Audi dpa is also successful. The digital planning assistant for Audi production lines "dpa" was the winner of the German Innovation Award in two categories: Excellence in Business to Business - Information Technologies and in the additional category Design Thinking. In this project we have now made the successful app available for the desktop PC. Production lines of different locations can now be overlooked and a 2D visualization of the line can be used interactively. Many thanks to our customer Audi and our partner SABO Mobile IT for the joint innovative and exciting project.

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Customer information on current events

Dear clients,

Health always comes first. We would therefore like to play our part in containing the coronavirus outbreak. As specialists for digital solutions, we have therefore decided to switch to remote operations and provide support primarily from home offices. We have already completed a successful test run and will be available as usual.
We invite you to join us in holding meetings via conference tools to minimise face-to-face contact.

CaderaDesign has a number of resources that will allow us to do this, and we will be happy to share them with you. Rather than cancelling meetings, we want to use exciting new forms of communication to help us work together. We will contact you individually and determine the best approach for you.

We wish you health and success!

Best regards,
Tom Cadera and the team

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Securing the future with design


Tom Cadera will give a lecture together with Christian Lang from Kiefel. They will present how an agile cooperation between design offices and mechanical engineering companies can be optimally successful. It will be shown which advantages can be achieved with good usability and attractive design for the human-machine interface in the production environment. The focus is on the presentation of the design process.

Munich Creative Business Week – VDID Unternehmerforum:
Securing the future with design
Thursday, 12.03.2020, 13:00 - 18:00

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iF Design Award for SIMATIC Notifier

Alerts for mobile devices

With the iF Award, the clever MindSphere app for smart watches and smart phones has received a second design prize. The notifier automatically delivers all important messages directly to your wrist. In this way it is possible to react to problems and disruptions quickly and effectively. We are over the moon about this award and would like to thank our colleagues at Siemens AG for their excellent cooperation.

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Our vision for AI-supported machine operation

Intelligent Assistant - A joint initiative of three teams of experts

Imagine: Machines would learn from our interaction with them and make their own suggestions. They would teach us how to install, operate, retrofit, maintain and repair them. They would point out our potential errors and protect us from accidents without bothering us with irrelevant inquiries.

- kiefel3.jpg

Illustrations facilitate the setup

Illustrative user interface for packaging machines

The new HMI by KIEFEL Packaging is based on self-explanatory illustrations and animations. It makes highly complex technology understandable, facilitating the input of parameters. We are pleased the project has been completed successfully and about the mention on the "Elektrotechnik Automatisierung" website.

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AI in manufacturing? Not without UX!

Review of the SPS 2019 trade fair - focus topic: AI and Usability

Artificial intelligence is a technology that offers enormous potential for mechanical engineering. At the SPS 2019 we presented a concept that combines the issues of AI and future-oriented interaction concepts. Thanks to numerous discussions with guests from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, we have plenty of new ideas for this topic.

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We design the industrial IoT

Review of the IUD 2019 - focus topic: User experience on IIoT platforms

Florian Fuchs and Steven Schmidt presented new solutions for successful user experience on IoT platforms at the Industrial Usability Day. They presented both current projects in this field and what they have learned from the projects. We would like to say thank you for all the input and stimulating discussions at this event!

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Red Dot Award for KOCH easyControl

Responsive HMI for packaging machines

Together with our customer KOCH Pac-Systeme we have found a convincing solution for presenting the machine in the best light and at the same time making operation more efficient. The concept allows for easy transfer to different devices and is modularly configurable. The jury of the renowned Red Dot Award was enthused by the easyControl control panel.

- audi4.jpg

Audi dpa - A four-time winner

Production planning of the future is mobile

The Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, Automation App Award and now also the iF Design Award. The digital planning assistant for Audi production lines "dpa" receives four awards. Many thanks to our customer Audi and our partner SABO Mobile IT for their cooperation on this innovative and exciting project.


Red Dot Award for Audi dpa

Production planning of the future is mobile

The "digital planning assistant" (dpa), the future mobile planning system for Audi production lines, recently won the Red Dot Design Award. In addition, the dpa also received a nomination for the renowned German Design Award. We offer our customer Audi and our partner SABO Mobile IT our warmest congratulations and have our fingers crossed for the German Design Award.


German Design Award for Audi dpa

Production planning of the future is mobile

After winning the Red Dot Design Award, Audi's "digital planning assistant" (dpa) is now also being honoured with the German Design Award. We would like to thank our customer Audi AG for the trust they have placed in our work and the exciting, innovative project. At the same time, we would like to thank our development partner SABO Mobile IT for their excellent cooperation.


Specialised plants? No problem.

Review of the IUD 2018 - focus topic: Modular UX components

Reducing costs in the project planning of plants – this is a frequent concern of our customers in specialised plant construction. Tom Cadera and Florian Fuchs presented modular and flexible UX building blocks at the Industrial Usability Day. One example is modular machine images for the production screen.


Red Dot Award for FMB short loader

Loading of bars reinterpreted

The industrial design of the FMB short loader was recently presented with the Red Dot Design Award. Together with our customer, we are delighted to have been awarded this prize for our work and would like to thank our customer for the excellent and successful cooperation on this large project. The project was rather extensive as we were responsible not only for the machine design, but also for the user interface design of the machine control system.


First Wuerzburg Web Week - CaderaDesign is among the speakers

We are looking forward to a new, exciting series of events in Wuerzburg! The Wuerzburg Web Week is being launched with the idea of promoting the issue of digitalisation in the Main-Franconia region in Bavaria, Germany, and to connect different social groups. We would like to support this event and will be giving a presentation on the topic "Weaving Technology & UX for Machines".


German Design Award for MIWE go

An easy-to-use oven control system

Following the Red Dot Award, our oven control system has now also been honoured with the renowned German Design Award. We are very happy to have been awarded this prize and would like to thank our customer MIWE for the exciting project and for their trust.


EMO 2017 - FMB presents new short loader

Loading of bars reinterpreted

Our customer FMB Maschinenbau presented the new short loader SL 80 V for the first time at the EMO. In this project we conceived and designed both the machine design and the user interface. This holistic approach enabled us to orchestrate ergonomics and operating safety perfectly.


Interpack 2017 - CaderaDesign represented several times

As a specialist for the packaging industry, CaderaDesign looks back on an extremely successful interpack 2017. Our customers Christ Packaging, Bausch + Ströbel and Franz Ziel presented the next generation of HMIs, which we designed, for the first time in Düsseldorf. Thank you for your trust and the exciting projects!