Design the product in its entirety in mechanical engineering, production and technology.

We conceptualise a "new shell" for your equipment and design the user interfaces. Combining successful industrial design and the matching, user-friendly and coherent HMI is the best prerequisite for an outstanding overall experience!

Front End Development

We have an eye for design and the ability to translate it precisely into code. Details such as micro-animations and pixel-perfect implementation massively enhance user interfaces. In addition, we not only work very efficiently ourselves, but also build sustainable structures for you.

Services in brief:

  • From the simple click dummy to the prototype
  • Comfortable UIs thanks to visualisations and animations
  • Native solutions and Responsive Layouting
  • Libraries, living style guides and web components

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Film / Animation

Thanks to our product videos, your customers will learn about the advantages of your machines, devices or systems and experience their quality directly. We take over the complete process from production planning, the storyboard and the film editing or only parts of the process.

Services in brief:

  • Creation of product videos and explanatory animations
  • From storyboard creation to film production
  • Creation of voice-over texts, organisation of the voice-over artist
  • Final editing and post-production

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Industrial Usability - Usability and design for the production environment

Digitalisation on the shop floor

In modern production environments, there are many interfaces between machines and humans. A successful user experience for employees in different roles with different tasks is vital. At CaderaDesign, we understand the principles and interaction of machines, devices, sensors, data streams and the people operating them. We can help you digitalise your shop floor!

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Human-centred design process

We are technology experts, but still every new task gives rise to many questions. We would like to know what your market looks like, for instance. Have you already implemented good solutions and why are they successful? Above all, we use human-centred design methods that help us answer your questions and ultimately create a successful product.

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