Understanding technology. Designing for people.

Together we optimize the user experience and ergonomics in industry. We improve working conditions and create profitable and holistic user experiences for machines, devices, HMIs and IoT systems. We specialize in making machines, automation processes and technical systems more efficient and user-friendly. We do this with passion, curiosity and excellence.

For an outstanding, holistic user experience

##For an outstanding, holistic user experience
  • User Interface Design
  • Overall UX
  • Industrial Design
  • + Greater process reliability
  • + Better ergonomics
  • + Higher productivity

For success in your business and more efficient processes

##For success in your business and more efficient processes
  • User Research
  • UX-Strategy
  • UX-Processes
  • + Stronger brand loyalty
  • + Enthusiastic customers
  • + Higher profits

For economical and sustainable implementation

##For economical and sustainable implementation
  • Frontend-Development
  • Design Systems
  • CAD/3D-Construction
  • + Better product quality
  • + More development security
  • + Higher cost efficiency

Over 30 years of experience in the industry

We help industrial clients achieve commercial success and strengthen their brand. Thanks to our unique specialization in user experience in industry, engineering and technology, we are leaders in the sector and have produced numerous innovations. With our in-depth expertise and understanding of complex technical processes, we offer customized solutions tailored to our clients' needs.

Strong partnerships for sustainable success

We foster a culture of partnership and rely on a sustainable way of working. This type of collaboration within the team and with our partners and customers promotes the continuity of our work. By sharing and pooling specialist knowledge, we create an environment in which expertise can fully develop.

We live sustainability

For us, sustainability is not an option, but an obligation. As an EMASplus-certified company, we meet the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2010, supplemented by additional criteria. This self-image is not only reflected in our work, but also characterizes our daily cooperation.

What our customers say

With CaderaDesign GmbH, AUDI AG has gained a competent partner for visionary projects that also meets our high standards in digitalization.
Dr. Efstratia Zafeiriou, Audi

It is very inspiring to see the motivation with which my colleagues at CaderaDesign familiarize themselves with highly complex technical topics in order to generate the most innovative and best graphic solutions for our user interfaces. In addition to the very good technical expertise, I enjoy the open and pleasant cooperation that I have already enjoyed in many projects!
Judith Onodi-Wolff, SIEMENS

The MyHMI, which we developed together with CaderaDesign, impresses with its successful combination of attractive design, minimal engineering effort and high user-friendliness.
Christoph Kaufmann, STRAMA-MPS

Optimize your UX - Industrial Grade!

Even the greatest journey begins with the first steps. Our UX starter package is the perfect introduction to user-centered design. We offer you initial ideas and solutions that you can either continue to work with or that we can use to accompany you on your journey.

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