• Red Dot Award
  • German Design Award

Machines and HMI design - a harmonised system

FMB Maschinenbaugesellschaft from Faulbach is the leading manufacturer of loading and unloading systems for machine tools. We were able to demonstrate our full potential for the new short loader SL 80 V: in addition to the industrial design of the entire machine, we were also responsible for the UX design of the user interface "ERGOlogic".

The short loader is designed to store and feed various materials in different dimensions. Ergonomic loading and unloading is therefore just as important as the positioning of the short loader in relation to the machine tool. Where comparable machines are limited in their installation and orientation, the FMB short loader shows a high degree of flexibility.

FMB Maschinenbau
Machine Tools
UX Design & Industrial Design

UX Design

When designing the user interface (HMI) we paid attention to a high degree of usability. The result is an intuitive, easy-to-understand and quickly graspable operating concept, which offers inexperienced users additional assistance functions.

Industrial Design

The result of our work is a machine with a modern, functional design that meets every application situation and allows for a high degree of ergonomics in operators’ daily work.

Form visualises function and innovation

The basic cylindrical shape of the loading mechanism metaphorically picks up on the theme of "loading a rod". At the same time, the colour-contrasting cylinder shape visualises the time- and space-saving main innovation of the bar feeder: The loading mechanism can be moved along the loading axis for set-up operations.


Generous viewing areas allow an optimal view of running processes - of course also from every installation situation. Thanks to a magnetic holder, the control panel can be freely attached to the machine and is therefore also suitable for operation from a distance. For safety reasons, however, it remains connected to the machine via a cable.

Holistic design

We were entrusted with both the design of the machine itself (industrial design) and the redesign of the user interface (UX design). The design of the machine and user interface takes the corporate design specifications of FMB into account in an interdisciplinary way and develops them further.

Award winning

The imitation of the characteristic shape of the rods by the cylinder was implemented in a modern and functional way. It resulted in beautiful, comprehensible product semantics, giving the machine an unmistakable identity.

(Quote from the jury of the German Design Award 2019)