Fair experiences from the home office

If trade fairs do not take place, alternative forms of presentation become more and more important. Because customer proximity and the emotional experience of products are elementary prerequisites for successful sales.

Convincing screencasts

Our screencasts not only show how your software is operated, they also inspire and make your product an emotional experience. The web-enabled videos illustrate the user experience in an outstanding way. In this way, usability values can be conveyed that are formative for your design and brand strategy.

Remote user experience via click dummies

You want to show your customers how your application works and let them test and immerse themselves? Then click dummies are the ideal solution. They offer a comprehensive simulation of your application and can be performed remotely by your sales department, for example. Optionally, the click dummy can also evaluate the click behaviour. This way, selected usability aspects can be automatically analyzed.

Attractive explanatory videos

Your product was launched on the market, now it should be presented in the best light. With our explanatory videos we can wonderfully highlight your USPs and features. Thanks to attractive illustrations and animations (graphic and three-dimensional), even the most complex content can be explained convincingly. We create a storyboard suitable for advertising and take care of the creation of the films. This also includes the conception and creation of speaker texts.

What you can achieve

For a credible and professional presentation of your products it is important to integrate real context environments. As designers of your hardware and software we know the most important features and know what is important to you and your customers. Thus we ensure a quick and uncomplicated project start and a successful product presentation.

Scenes and excerpts from our videos

We invite you to gather first impressions and find out what possibilities we can offer you. Here is a collection of selected excerpts from our successful video, screencast and click-dummy productions.

Mediate design quality

Design concept (Audi)

High-quality screen design (MIWE)

Machine family (PINK)

Show usability advantages

Intuitive working in plans with zoom and pan gestures (Audi)

Natural assignment of properties by drag & drop (Audi)

Avoid operating errors through secure two-hand operation (Harro Höfliger)

Pick up user: Main tasks become the main menu (Harro Höfliger)

Making the user experience tangible

Fast and precise input (Uhlmann)

Simplifying complex value entries (Uhlmann)

Elegant transitions thanks to animations

Introducing USPs

Different bar sizes and shapes (FMB)

Easy access to the adapter through innovative split machine design (FMB)

Modularity of systems (PINK)

Make technology understandable

Mixing and dosing of 2K components (bdtronic)

Innovative mechanics for loading bars into lathes (FMB)

View into the construction of a vacuum soldering machine (PINK)

Time-distance diagram for movement of forming tools (KIEFEL)

We support you comprehensively

We focus on comprehensibility and self-explanatory content that unfolds its best effectiveness with a coherent timing. Not only an emotional connection is essential, but also highest quality in animation and design.

Give us a call! We will find out how you can optimally address your target group. You will be able to use the solution we develop again and again - remote and in direct contact with your customers!

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  • Industrial Design

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Sample projects

Audi dpa

FMB Shortloader

MIWE go! (Text&Camera: MIWE)

Uhlmann HMI


Harro Höfliger

KOCH (Head of video production: KOCH)