Certuss MX - Modular series of electric steam generators.

The MX series of electric steam generators from CERTUSS is a commitment to tradition and quality and allow customers to benefit from sustainable e-technology and "Steam 4.0". The MX series units can be equipped and configured thousand different ways and adapted to a wide variety of spatial conditions. For this reason, they are ideal for various purposes and industries, such as laboratories where vaccines are developed. The new generation of systems should fit into Certuss' history in terms of design and at the same time be a statement for innovation. We developed a forward-looking design concept that can be transferred to other types of equipment.

For the MX series by CERTUSS, we realised on both the UX and the industrial design. We have coordinated the two disciplines and thus developed an overall user experience. We supported Certuss from the analysis, conception and design of the product to accompanying the implementation - and the creation of a product video.

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The high quality look of the MX series is unique in the electric steam generator market. It reflects the long tradition and quality awareness of CERTUSS. The curved shape of the fan stem is a metaphor for the product type and picks up on historical boiler shapes. The closed basic shape and the colouring are a reference to the direct predecessor models. The Certuss logo was prominently positioned on the upper edge of the unit. Corporate design colours were picked up in operating and display elements such as the steam pressure and water level indicators and in the HMI. The condensed font in capitals is also a reference to the Certuss corporate design.

Industrial Design

The electric steam generators of the MX series can be configured in up to 30,000 variants in terms of equipment and installation. They are also space-saving. The footprint has been reduced by more than 25% compared to previous models. This makes it suitable for a wide range of spatial conditions and thus for a wide range of industries and applications. Because modules can be easily separated, the electric steam generators fit through most doors. The main module and the auxiliary modules consist of a basic cuboid shape. This makes them easy to configure and expand.

The appearance of the different configurations always remains clean. The curved shape of the fan front cover not only references traditional boiler shapes but also emphasises the central role of the main module and optimises the air flow. The generators are both environmentally friendly and visually appealing, giving customers another reason to switch to renewable forms of energy. The electric steam generators can be expanded in many ways and are made of high-quality materials that are easy to separate.

User Experience Design

All sides of the electric steam generators are easily accessible. Operating elements such as the HMI are seamlessly and ergonomically integrated. A light bar ensures that the operating status is clearly visible even from a distance. The HMI visually picks up on elements of industrial design, such as the light bar. Barely larger than a smartphone, the control panel enables ergonomic and intuitive access to a wide range of setting options.

The dark design of the HMI fits seamlessly into the industrial design and supports the clean look. Icons were developed for the comprehensive setting options of the MX series to support the multilingualism of the user interface. The high-quality and modern HMI design reflects the innovative and high-quality Certuss technology. A product visualisation on the home screen provides safety for the operator and another "stage" on which the electric steam generators can present themselves. The UI concept and design is based on familiar patterns from the smartphone world, such as the backbutton navigation and the final functions positioned at the bottom of the screen.

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