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Responsive HMI and Panel-Design for packaging machines

The packaging industry is faced with the great challenge of adapting systems ever more flexibly to differences in format and quantity. The HMI control ‘easyControl’ allows for easy transfer to different devices and is modularly configurable. It is therefore predestined to meet the high demands in terms of flexibility and is a perfect fit for special plant construction and the packaging industry. UX & usability engineering, corporate design aspects and industrial design of the associated panel form a harmonious unit. Thanks to our implementation in HTML/CSS, we were able to gain maximum flexibility in the presentation.

KOCH Pac-Systeme
Packaging Technology
UX Design, Industrial Design

Responsive and therefore ideal for the packaging industry

In order to guarantee maximum flexibility, the software in particular must meet certain requirements. After all, individual customer needs not only require an increased set-up effort but also accelerated configuration of the systems. For this reason, ‘easyControl’ can be transferred to different devices and is modularly configurable.

Entry point dashboard

The entry point to the new HMI is a dashboard that provides an overview of the most important machine data and can be adapted to the respective user. A new, intuitive user management system allows for the precise allocation of user rights.

Machine visualisation as navigation

Another major advantage of the new HMI is a central machine visualisation. It serves as navigation through the system. If you want to change a parameter or move an axis, this can be done by directly selecting the respective machine component.

Project work

Together with KOCH Pac-Systeme we have redesigned the existing user interface. We were responsible not only for the conception and design of the user interface but also for the front-end development and the industrial design of the operating panel.

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