• iF Design Award
  • Red Dot Award
  • German Design Award

SmartControl panel

The SmartControl Panel from Uhlmann has received several awards for its hardware and software design. The operating panel for pharmaceutical packaging machines was designed intermedially; this approach ensures a balance of hardware and software. The common basic philosophy: Combination of high-tech aspects with user-friendly operation which reduces complexity. The panel can be rotated and the protruding handle serves both as protection and as a storage surface. Possible interfaces for peripheral devices are discreetly located in the rear panel socket. The operating panel meets the highest hygiene requirements.

Uhlmann Pac-Systeme
Packaging Technology
UX design

Quoting the Red Dot panel from the yearbook entry

The seamless, slim construction gives the operating terminal a contemporary presence; it radiates high quality and elegance.

Excellent design

Thanks to the format-filling glass surface of the panel with the integrated touch screen and the extremely flat construction, the high-tech character is reflected in the design and thus complements the harmonious overall picture together with the design of the user interface. The design of the housing has won three design awards.

High-tech look

Strong contrasts, brilliant colours and subtle lighting effects create a highly attractive high-tech look. The use of reduced and harmoniously rendered original CAD machine data enables a clear and understandable representation of the assemblies to be controlled.

The user-friendly machine control is reduced in complexity and has a task-oriented operating and navigation concept.

Uhlmann Smart Control Panel

Project work

The task included designing the housing (industrial design) for a new operating panel as well as the creation of a usability and user experience concept and visual design for the software interface of the machine control system.

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