UX/UI Design & Industrial Design for the Kirsch Evolution Cloud and Gateway

Philipp Kirsch GmbH is a manufacturer of professional refrigerators and freezers for the healthcare sector and laboratories. The innovative cloud platform enables intelligent monitoring of refrigerated goods. Notifications and alarms are automatically triggered if temperature limits are exceeded or not reached.

Philipp Kirsch GmbH
Medical technology
UX and Industrial Design

Industrial design

The industrial design of the gateway makes all important status information visible at first glance. The shape of the device emphasizes the display elements and ensures effortless access. This clear design also emphasizes the high quality associated with the Kirsch brand. It transfers branding elements of Kirsch refrigerators into three-dimensional space.

UX/UI Design

For the UX/UI design of the cloud, we undertook a UX review, a UX concept for selected pages as well as the style finding and UI design for Kirsch. Our main focus was on the presentation of information on the dashboard. This is crucial for users as it contributes to the security of real-time monitoring. It is important that any deviations from the target status are recognized immediately. The navigation has been designed to support different types of users, including observers and experts/installers.

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