MindSphere – Cloud-based IoT Operating System

SIEMENS MindSphere connects products, plants, systems and machines. The wealth of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) is used for extensive analyses. Real processes are connected with things from the digitalised world. What emerges are “digital twins" for products, services and production processes.

To the published Design System

UX design

MindSphere Operating System

We are designing the user interface of operating system as well as the application and product icons and are accompanying the development of individual MindSphere services and applications of various SIEMENS teams and departments. Together with these teams, we are creating user-centric product requirements and are using them to develop solutions in the form of concepts, workflows, wireframes, prototypes and screen designs. In this way, we are advising and supporting the user-centred design process within the MindSphere Eco system.

MindSphere Design System

Simple and consistent handling is essential for the success of highly complex IIoT products such as MindSphere. In order to achieve consistency across many offers, a comprehensive and publicly available design system and html/css framework was created. This is used by developers to implement MindSphere Services. The result is a constantly growing set of rules for operating patterns and UI components as well as an accompanying Systemicon library with a focus on usability.

More information on the design system can be found here: Siemens Website

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