Strama-MPS MyHMI - Comprehensive HMI design for special systems

Strama-MPS Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, a renowned manufacturer of special machines and systems, is setting new standards in the field of human-machine interface (HMI) development in collaboration with our team. The implementation was carried out with the help of the Siemens Unified implementation tool, which we exploited to the full in close cooperation with Strama-MPS. The technical possibilities were fully utilized to create a powerful and intuitive HMI. The systems already equipped with the new HMI show significant improvements. Training times have been significantly reduced and the system is immediately understandable for users. The direct positive feedback confirms the success of the project.

Siemens Unified

Comprehensive HMI concept

With a focus on the production, assembly and testing of complex technical components and products, Strama-MPS was faced with the challenge of developing an HMI concept that could be flexibly transferred to different machine types and panel sizes. As a manufacturer of special machines in particular, the demand for flexibility and user-friendliness was high. Together with Strama-MPS, we developed an HMI concept and design that not only takes into account the different machine requirements, but also offers a light and dark theme. The flexibility is evident not only in the adaptation to different machine types, but also for three different panel sizes.

Details on demand

To ensure that the HMI functions optimally on different screen sizes, so-called "slide-in" controls were implemented on three screen edges to display certain areas with more or less detail as required. This "details on demand" concept enables space-saving and intuitive handling of information depths. The complex system structure can be accessed in different ways via the HMI. A modular machine image on the dashboard provides a clear status display and enables direct access to modules. At the same time, there is a comprehensive overview with hierarchical navigation down to the individual unit and an overview that can be zoomed in and out of.

Brand UI

The visual design of the HMIs was consistently transferred to the requirements of a machine control system and the production conditions. The color concept continues the company colors and corporate identity, while the design language and haptic feel of the buttons ensure safe operation of complex systems. The design is also based on the current machine design and thus creates an overarching look and feel.


The collaboration between our team and Strama-MPS has resulted in a groundbreaking HMI solution that not only meets the customer's requirements, but also sets new standards in machine control. The use of Siemens Unified, the flexibility of the design and the clever navigation make this project a milestone in the industry.

"The machines are simple and intuitive to operate, from the smallest unit to the comprehensive system network with MyHMI based on the Strama standard. Efficiency is increased by the ability to generate in the engineering process. The MyHMI impresses with a successful combination of attractive design, minimal engineering effort and high user-friendliness."
Christoph Kaufmann, Software Engineer STRAMA-MPS

"The design is appealing and the concept is extremely well thought out. Thanks to regular coordination meetings, the technical implementation of the visualization could take place parallel to the design development. Concrete feedback could thus be continuously and constructively integrated into the process."
Christoph Buchner, PhD Candidate STRAMA-MPS

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