• iF Design Award
  • Red Dot Award
  • German Design Award
  • App Award

dpa – Digital Planning Assistant for Audi production lines

Increasing quantities and many vehicle variants require constant conversions of production lines and modified assembly processes. At the same time, it is important to take into account employee utilisation, space utilisation for logistics and the profitability of the line. In the future, Audi's digital planning assistant will support the planners of production lines in their daily work. The assistant will ensure optimal conditions of highly automated production lines. For us, this is an exciting, forward-looking project that has won three renowned Design Awards and one App Award.

UX design

Task oriented

The dpa's intuitive user interface will assist with daily tasks: The planners enter new project input values, for example for an increase in the number of units. The app's software algorithm calculates the workload of the workers, visualises possible bottlenecks in the teams and checks the supply situation with material and tools. It uses information from the Audi IT systems to map the reality on the production line, such as the shelves in the cockpit pre-assembly area. The planners can digitally run through individual planning steps with the tablet directly on the line: In the process, routes and activities must be monitored as well as the supply of materials and operating resources.

Audi dpa

Project work

The focus of our work was to develop a task-oriented usability and user experience concept that meets the requirements of an assisting tool. The creation of an AUDI CI compliant design was equally important.

Technical implementation

SABO Mobile IT GmbH is responsible for the technical development of the dpa. The technical basis is a central data back-end with version management, which reads current data from various Audi database systems and manages the plan versions. Apps for mobile tablets developed in parallel communicate with the back-end and offer equally high performance and data security.