Kurtz Ersa Connect Platform - Platform for Smart Services

After the networking of systems and plants, networking with the customer is the next important step in digitalized production. Ersa GmbH also recognized the potential of smart services. The "Kurtz Ersa Connect" project was about optimizing the quality of services and processes. This goal is to be achieved through transparency of production processes. In order to realize this, a software platform was set up that can be expanded step by step. Functionalities of this platform are machine monitoring, remote service, e-learning but also an intelligent ticket system and a machine database.

UX Design

My Tickets - Ticket System

The ticket system for service and support requests enables real-time diagnosis and supports independent, prompt troubleshooting. For the conception and design of this functionality we have used established patterns from private communication. Via chat view, the dialogue between customer and Ersa becomes clear and intuitive. In addition, we have placed particular emphasis on the clarity of the visualization and keywording of the tickets. This enables a quick prioritisation of the requests. Both the customer and the service employee must be able to see at first glance which ticket they should take over first and what to do next. Operating logics learned from private life, e.g. when managing boarding passes in an app or handling notifications, are also used here.

My Machines - Machine Database

The machine database is the central location for documents, instructions and service reports relating to a machine. But it is not only information that can be called up here. The entire "life cycle" of a machine is digitally displayed here. You can see when the machine was delivered and in which configuration and hall it is located. For this functionality we have designed machine cards that offer a quick and attractive overview of the machines. For each machine we also designed a profile with a quickly accessible navigation in individual areas of the machine database.

Project work

For the Kurtz Ersa Connect platform we developed the usability and user experience concept and the visual design. We also took over the frontend programming.