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Uhlmann Pexcite Software Platform - Basis for Intelligent Linking of Data

The pharmaceutical and biotech industries must meet the highest standards. At the same time, the sensitive products are to be manufactured with consistent quality, securely packaged and transported in a timely manner. The Pexcite platform is the technological basis for different digital solutions. Data can be exchanged between the solutions. The manufacturing of sensitive products is managed in the best possible way. One can access Pexcite on the HMI of the machine or on the tablet in the office of the production manager. Users are supported in their respective activities by the system's sophisticated user experience.

CaderaDesign adapted the corporate design into the layouts and designed the templates of the Pexcite web software platform and some integrated applications, optimizing them for the different screens and devices. We designed the user interface components and documented them for the software developers at Uhlmann. We also maximized software ergonomics with the help of usability reviews. Our icon designers created special icons in the style of the existing pictograms and drew a series of user illustrations. With these measures, we increased user safety and created an attractive and consistent interface design.

Medicine, Biotech, Pharmacy
User Interface Design

Responsive Web Software Platform

No matter where an employee is or what they are working on, with Pexcite they can access all metrics and controls. The system runs on TVs, HMI panels, PC screens and tablets. It makes optimal use of the available space. Depending on the location of a screen, the most important information is displayed as needed. On a large screen, the operator can keep track of the most important events, such as alarms from all machines, even from a distance. On the HMI of an individual machine, he sees details of the respective process step. On his tablet or PC, he checks and controls each individual component of the production chain as required.

Customized dashboard

For the employee, the overview in the dashboard is the fastest way to access every detail. Here he gets immediate access to operating elements and information. Depending on the purpose, the overview is customized and the most important elements are placed prominently. This allows the operator to react quickly to an event without having to navigate into the depths of the software.

Icons & Illustrations

In the production of pharmaceutical products, employees must not make any mistakes. For this reason, we have drawn clear 3D illustrations in the form of step-by-step instructions and designed distinctive, easy-to-read icons for the switches and displays. The images and signs clearly explain to the operator which key figure is displayed or which operating step is to be performed. The illustrations noticeably increase operating safety and function across languages.

Track & Trace

To ensure that sensitive products reach their destination undamaged, the supply chain must be fully traceable from the largest to the smallest unit. Especially for substances that are shipped frozen, this proof is essential. Pexcite connects all process steps in this scenario. From printing the labels for the various packages and containers, to scanning in the packing stations, to reading the temperature sensors, all information flows into the central software platform.

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Steven Schmidt

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